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About Us


We believe that the alarming use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers on crops is forcing farmers to invest even more money to get good yield. But, as the usage grows, soil fertility and product quality degrades. So, we meet farmers regularly to provide necessary information about crop Cultivation. We are guiding the farmers to use organic fertilizers and helping them to earn more by becoming their doorway to the market.

Dhruv Global Trades is established in the year 2015 for the sole purpose of trading Organic and high quality Agricultural Products. Since our inception, we have established a progressive supply chain by working with Farmers, Processing units, and Traders in tandem. We make sure the products are certified. We also guide the farmers and manufacturers in getting necessary certifications.

Our core business today remains as an international sourcing of quality organic food products, specialty herbs, Essential oils etc. Year on year, Dhruv has enjoyed progressive records in turnover and revenue incomes uninterruptedly. Fulfilling these prerequisites enables us to stay away from oversights and get rid of source of errors in all areas.


To be recognized as a leading premium export company by maintaining high ethical standards in every business aspect.


1. To take utmost care in delivering the best quality products.
2. To constantly improve our business practices by integrating with manufacturers and buyers in grass root level.
3. To be prompt in delivering goods on time.
4. To diligently participate in CSR activities and contribute to the growth of society as we grow as a company.

Our Values and beliefs


We believe the best way of getting good business is by paying utmost importance to the quality of product.

Transparency and Accountability

Practicing open book management approach not only helps us in being in good terms with clients but it also helps our employees to understand the ethical standards of the company. Thus, creating a healthy work environment by making all of us accountable to each other.


Delivering great service to our customer and clients and to each other is good Business. It’s also the best thing to do.


Growth creates opportunities to advance our talent pool and also enables us to invest in company’s resources for future developments and advancements.